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Ready to Motorized?

Ultimate Convenience

Experience the future of home comfort with motorized blinds. Control lighting with a button press—perfect for convenience and hard-to-reach windows

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Cut energy costs with motorized blinds that control sunlight exposure, optimizing home temperature and reducing heating and cooling needs.

Increased Home Security

Enhance security with motorized blinds programmed to simulate occupancy, deterring intruders and providing peace of mind at home or away.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal

Elevate your decor with sleek, stylish motorized blinds. Available in various colors and styles, they add elegance and functionality to any space.


Somfy Zigbee

Somfy Zigbee 3.0 mesh network seamlessly connects Zigbee motors and accessories, facilitating integration with third-party apps and enhancing user comfort. As a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Somfy supports IoT standards, ensuring their protocol is interoperable, secure, and globally adopted for smart home connectivity.

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